Anyone use Dark Energy Or Kelp in your Grows

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What are your results and thoughts on each. I am not a big fan of additives but I have been considering adding one or both of these products.
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    I use maxicrops seaweed nutrient in my organic grow and once I employed it would never grow without it again.
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    edited June 2009 make your own a plastic bag sweet clover leave for four weeks few hole in plastic bag to let mold grow add flour grain your now a super killer

    look at spelling

    iodine iodide

    lugols solution make your own

    maxicrop has add urea..
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    You lost me Parris
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    lol..lost me too..i think its about micronutrients, but plants do have low iodine tolerance, and this isnt that kind of grass',
    but somehow its iodides' -1 ...maybe you can explain it for us...? thanx

    or at least you may want to edit that 2nd post up there /User/PARRIS:exhale:

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    Hey guys,

    Yea nugg is correct that kelp extracts offer micronutrients, and some offer macronutrients as Ca. But, kelpl extract is best known for it's PGRs (Plant Growth Regualtors) such as cytokinin (for roots), auxins like IAA (for shoots), hormones, etc.

    But not all kelp is equal or made equally. Maxicrop is one of the worst IMO. Netpunes Harvest is one of the best IMO; I've spend time speaking with the owner about his methods.

    An important processing issue is temperature and extraction process. Some kelps like are not cold processed which is needed to retain most PGRs. And even it the kelp extract is cold processed many producers use a grinder/pressure for kelp extract which is actually heating up the kelp and lowering the PGRs, even though the ambient temps are lowish.

    And some producers use strong acids or bases for kelp extract. :(

    To me the *best* by far is Kelpak. It uses the best source of kelp for the highest PGRs. It uses Maxima (sp?) which is only found off the coast of S.Africa. There is no other kelp brand using this kelp. And the process used to create Kelpak is *by far* the best. I wrote a thread on Kelpack in the Organic section if you want more info.

    And BTW, I heard Dark Energy smells really strong and rank. To me that sounds like it might be fermented which is a great method to create kelp extract. There is a Norwegian company (I think from Norway) selling fermented kelp extract but I don't know of any US wholesaler or retailer of the extract. I wrote about that kelp in my Kelpak thread too.

    And don't forget to use kelp as a folair spray too :)

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