Been awhile need 0-8-16 refresher course

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Ok been a long while for me, Was using 0-8-16 when it was first developed thru Ph and Lucas, II need to know what the PPM were on a gallon batch of 0-8-16.
Getting ready to start caregiving again.

Also anyone still hanging onto C-99? I lost that strain awhile back would love to get it again.

ALso anyone seen or heard from Lucas? Anyone has a contact tell him Garden of Dreams is looking for him to catch up!
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    0-8-16 = 1334 ppm on a .7 meter or 953 ppm on a .5 meter in RO water.

    I see he(Lucas) posted here yesterday.
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    thanks guys!

    Stone thats what I was looking for. Thanks

    I saw that he posted as well.
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    Another quick question, Like I said been awhile, When using the 0-8-16 formula and topping the res with dilluted nutes to get the TDS back into range 1300ish do we use micro and bloom?, If the 30 gallon DWC res was at 1000 PPM's what would the add back need to bring it back to 1300?
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    It all depends on how much water is missing from the res. The strength of an addback to a res with 29 gallons remaining would be quite different from one with 25 gallons remaining. But, it's safe to say that in any case the addback would need to be stronger than the original 0-8-16 mix in order to bring the final strength back to 1300 from 1000 so topping with diluted nuts is not going to achieve that.
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    well ! i guess im doing something wrong and i need some help figuring this out because what im doing is killing my plants .

    im using RO water and with a .05 conversion tds meter factory calibrated to a naci 342 ppm solution which reads 000 when i turn it on and when i test the water i get a reading of 27.
    i start my reading from the 000 of my meter and not the factory calibration and my ph is between 5.5 and 5.9

    so according to the lucas formula in flower stage using gh flora nutes i use 8 mil micro per gallon and 16 mil bloom per gallon , currently i am mixing at 2 gallons per mix which brings me to around 847 or so ppm .

    what am i doing wrong ? i WILL switch to a different gh nutrient regimine if it fixes my problem . please help my plants are dying . i am going to recalibrate just to make sure its true reading . thanks for your help

    the pics are plants in veg stage but flower stage doing same thing .
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    but greengenes has a marijuana emergency! those plants need first aid bad!

    hi, greengenes
    there is nothing wrong with your fert regime except ph. i'm going to take a wild guess here and state that you are growing "hempy style" with perlite and vermiculite.

    what i see is a primary calcium deficiency causing a secondary magnesium def and possibly a slight phosphorous def also. you are using input ph 5.5-5.9 and when it hits the root zone it mixes with residual nutes and plant exudates and goes up to 6.3-6.7 (check your runoff) or so causing a perpetual deficiency. it's just enough to affect the bottom and lower middle of your plants, right?

    try using ph 4.8-5.0 input solution at your tds. i think you'll get readings 5.7-5.8 in the root zone after 2 or 3 feedings. meanwhile, pull off all the badly damaged leaves so you can tell if you are still getting new damage.
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