Fox Farm (full line)vs. Dutch Master Gold (full line) !!!???

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Am trying to get a alot of different peoples advice on there actually experiences using these nutes. Has to be full line of both.. There isnt too much comparison info on these nutes that i can find and considering there are many knowledgable green thumbs here i was hoping to get some determinate views on these.. Any and all posts are greatly appreciated... One Love to All!!!
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    My own nute challange. Same room, well lit,total indoor enviromental control,hydro,R.O.. 16 clones sites- 4 nutes,Dutch Master Gold, Rockwool Formula 1, Bot... Pro, and Bot... Tri-flex. At veg the 4 Pro was the worst. Clearly the best growth was DM, but oddly enough had less roots. 2weeks in, there is great overall growth, but again the 4 DM has dominated the pack, Bot...Pro did not make the cut. I picked 12 to flower. 3- DM, 3- F1, 3-Tri, 3-Conni. Three weeks in bloom, again DM is#1 !!!. F-1 is #2, Conni #3, Tri #4. Whats interesting is that most nute mfrs promote additives, and boosters,etc. DM insist not to. Not even H2O2. WOW!!! I started flushing kept 6-DM,and 6-F1. My next test will be veg DM Gold, flower half DM, half Conni. Ive used F1 b4 w/great results. DM Liquid light is the greatest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use half stregnth.
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    Used the full line of fox farm for 2 cycles in a previous set-up. I liked the results, but be careful! The full strength fox farm recommends tends to be very strong. I got great quality @ 1/2 strength.

    The problem with this system I found is they have you completely changing rezzes every 2 weeks or so. Big pain in the but, and as you'll read on many of the threads here unnecessary.

    Switched to Bot Pro for a while, but was not blown away. I was reluctant to stray from the organics, but after seeing the results with a batch of DMgold, and another using the Lucas 0-8-16 gh formula I'm a believer! Never need to do complete rez change outs and dont have any PH/TDS issues. Like Lucas said, why use 6 parts when you can use 2
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    Good old Lucas. Haven't talked to him in years, on Overgrow I guess...Anyways, I recommend Dutch Master, seemed like I was always chasing deficiencies with Fox farms.
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