When to start nutrients on seedlings

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I have some babies! They're just starting to break seed. I was wondering when is the best time to start giving them food? I've read wait until their leaves begin to yellow. Is there a better way? What problems am I mostly likely to experience?
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    they can go the first 2 weeks using just the nutrient reserve that is stored in their [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cotyledons"]cotyledons
    when the cotyledons start to yellow slightly then that is when they are needing their first dose of food
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    At that age c-ray would that be a watered down veg mix or some type of seedling/transplant mix with just thrive in it or b-1 or something?
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    Often nutrients come with a prescribed dosage, Always start by using 1/2 of that, even 1/4th. That's if they give seedlings recommandations.

    If all you got is a vegging recom., use 1/8th of it, see how the plant reacts and go from there.

    Seedlings are very fragile and dont need much nutrients, as C-ray said, wait for some yellowing to appear on the cotyledons b4 givin em anything else then supplements (b1, supplements with lil to no nutrients in it).

    Once you have a few rows of leafs you can start feedin em.
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    :yeahthat: Actually, I don't garden by feel. More of a methodical gardener. 10-14 days is a good starting point. 1/4 strength at first, gradually increasing over the first month to full(depend on line of nutes) strength.
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