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Been having problems with rooting clones and i just bought a bottle of Superthrive and i was wondering if any body has any advice on using this properly.... Thanx
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    superthrive will not help you if you dont have the right conditions for the plantys

    for using it I would say 2 drops per 10 litersimagethe napthyl acid and B1 vitamine make your plant more vital and the indole 3 acetic hormone can controll if it want to focus on foliar or root production... the napthyl auxins are famous for helping root stimulant, I think there is some in willow tree bark...have to check that out more blah blah...

    anyway with the cloning problems I would try to understand how it would be to be a clone for a day see how that goes........aaaaaaaaah too wet! oooo too dry! ph ph ph!
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    OR just try rapid rooters and your done 100% all you have to do is put fresh water on them,there germed espesially for seedlings and clones. and there cheap.
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