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I've read elsewhere about using pine-sol and water in a bucket with an airstone as odor control. In the thread a bunch of people posted that it indeed works and WELL!! One guy used a desktop waterfall filled with water and pinesol.

Has anyone here tried this? It sounds way to good to be true.

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    I've never used the bubbler, but I've put a bowlfull in front of a fan, it works well. Odor control products from Nilodor work very well too, not just the tap-a-drop but the bottles of pet deodorizer.
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    in my opinion odor control is the last thing you want to be cheap on. i think that would make an excellent addition to a carbon filter.

    that is kind of like my wifes "aroma therapy" crap she has stinkin up the place.

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    When the smell gets strong (flowering) the AC (activated charcoal) filter in the cabinet gets turned on and the Ozone generator in the adjoining also gets turned on low and only raised enough until oder is eliminated. You can also not change your cats litterbox if your not married! ;)
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    I use carbon filters but come trim time my house reeks! Last time you could smell it on the porch.

    Yes the bubbeling Lysol works very well. I put a small pan in the living room and within mintues it over powered the smell in there. It didn't take long to fix the whole smells like you've been cleaning your ass off.
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    word to the wise...don't use an air stone in the pinesol. The pinesol just desinigrated 1 small air stone and an air stone bar in a couple of days. I din't know that would happen.

    Now I just have the air hose stuck in the bottom of the pinesol...tand that seems to work pretty good.

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    for 50 dollers raidio shack has special on ionizerss.. mine does the trick..
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    Is it true that some of the bigger ionizers are releasing ozone? I read that somewhere recently.

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    Buckwheat;41430 said: smells like you've been cleaning your ass off.
    It smells like a fresh Irish Spring shower when I clean my ass...not Pine Sol.

    hahaha... ;)
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    Damn things will stop any smell. Just vent into a room that is not used much and place the homade ozone generator in there. No smell will leave the room. You can buy a neon light transformer on ebay for next to nothing if you catch it right. I mounted mine on a piece of tile and built a tile box around it. No fire hazard at all. Absolutely no smell in the house at all even with peak flowering.

    Ozone in high doses can be bad for you especially asthmatics. Be careful and think through what you are doing and put safety first. Best smell control available. Doesn't cover it up, it eliminates it. Period.

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